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NTSA National Championships.

Sunday 2nd June, Reepham Moor Range, Lincolnshire.

T&P, Multi Target & Birdshot Standards. Plus extra event NTSA Buckshot Standards

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This event is being supported by the Northern Shooting Show who have donated 500 rounds of Nobelsportitalia cartridges to the prize table.

NTSA English Championships

Saturday 3rd August, North Cotes Butts

T&P Lite, Multi Target & NTSA Birdshot Standards.

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This event is supported by Shellhouse Bullets who will be supply ammunition to all competitors as well as the prize table.

NTSA 100 Yard Challenge and Breda Plate Challenge.

Sunday 4th August, North Cotes Butts.

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Northern Shooting Show (NSS) 2019 - The Breda Plate Challenge- sponsored by Viking Arms.

IMG 3113

This is the second year of running the event at the Northern Shooting Show at the Yorkshire Show Ground in Harrogate.

The Breda Plate Challenge was conceived by NSS Organiser Paul Whiltelam and he invited the NTSA to host the event and sourced sponsorship from Viking Arms, who very generously donate a Breda B12i Shotgun as a prize to the fastest shooter. 

The ‘Challenge’ is to knock down 9 plates with only 9 rounds of Birdshot ammunition. Any plate left standing incurs a 5 second penalty added to your time. A Section 2 Breda Shotgun is provided by Viking Arms for the competitors to use. 

In the first year of the running of the event there were 203 entries, this was exceeded this year with 229. The fastest time in 2018 was 18.22 seconds. We thought this would be hard to beat. But we did not reckon on Heng Fan from North Cotes Butts. He smashed the time and reduced the challenge record to 10.58 seconds. He actually put in the best 3 times over the weekend. His skill and accuracy were rewarded with a new Breda shotgun. 

New for 2019 was the Breda Champion’s Challenge. The Breda Competition has been developed and has been held at various NTSA matches over the past year. All winners were invited to participate. This match was made up of four different stages, where the shooter used their own section 1 shotgun for the first three. On the last stage they had to compete with the Section 2 Breda shotgun. 

Overall Champion’s Champion was Kevin Strowger of Carlisle Small Arms Club. He went through the whole Challenge without incuring any time penalties. Which goes to show that sometimes it better to slow down and be accurate rather than go too quick to get a good time but loose out if you have a miss.

IMG 3114

Thanks to all the NTSA crew members who made this happen and we look forward to more Breda matches throughout the coming year and of course to NSS 20.

Northern Shooting Show Harrogate

11 / 12 May at Harrogate.  We will be running the Breda Plate Shoot so, come along!

Come and give it a go at the Northern Shooting Show

Find us at the end of the Clay Line. £4 a run.

DPOA Charity Match

Taking place at Dartford on 16/17 February.  

This will be a combined Practical and Target Shotgun competition run by the Blue Team Club, supported by the NTSA, running the BREDA Plate Challenge.

Register by Sunday, 10th February.

There’s a fabulous prize table for the raffle, including a Winchester SXP.  All profits to charity.  Please support this good cause.

Test Shoot at Reepham

This will be a trial of the facilities at a new venue for the NTSA, located near Lincoln.

This is open to all with a T&P and Multi Target and Birdshot Standards.  Plus, a Historic Multi target.

Membership Renewal

It’s that time of year!

If you have a membership card sporting the new NTSA logo then, you are good to go!

If you still have a card with the old style logo, you need to renew your membership to enjoy the great benefits such as ‘Good reason’ for a s1 shotgun, reduced entry fees at NTSA matches and the opportunity to socialise with a like minded group of shooters.

Please contact the membership secretary -

if you need to check your status.

Practical Shooting Show

The show went well, it was a good start for a new event and hopefully it will develop.  Estimate about 800 attendees.

A more central location will help it to grow.

Andy & I attended both days with help from Robin on Saturday.

Spoke to lots of people. We have four new members with another two most likely joining. It was worth it and we covered the event costs.


I spoke with one of the exhibitors, who also thought that it was a good start for such a specialist event. (AC)

New NTSA logo design


NTSA Shirts - last chance to order!

NTSA Shirt

Again we have Stephen to thank. 

The shirts are £35 each with options to put your name, gun make and national flag on the shirt.

We are grateful to Northern Shooting Show who have assisted with costs towards the shirt.

These are now available to order.  Go to

2018 Championships North Cotes Butts

Held in early August at NCB; a wonderful weekend of sun and fun with slug and shot!

IMG 2141.JPG

It was a busy weekend for Target Shotgunners, shooting three NTSA Championships and a Breda Plate Challenge - all taking place at North Cotes Butts on 4th & 5th August.

IMG 2171.jpg

                    Congratulations to overall winner Darren Hopley!

Both the NTSA Nationals and English Championships were at mixture of Slug and Birdshot Matches. Testing the accuracy and shooting skills of the competitor. The overall winner of both was Darren Hopley, a recent convert to Target Shotgun. On the way to winning the English Championships he set a new NTSA record in the Birdshot Standards, scoring 355 out of 360 points, this equates to just one missed target.

IMG 2199.jpg

       Long Range Benchrest winner Andrew Duffy with Paul Whitelam of NSS

On day two the NTSA Long Range Championships were held in the North Cotes 100 Yard RIfle Tunnel.  This was the first ever Shotgun Benchrest Competition. 10 shots in a fixed time of 10 minutes. Not an easy task but the person leading the way was Andrew Duffy, winning with a score of 41 points out of a possible 50.

IMG 2208.jpg

                     Breda Steel Plate Challenge winner - Kevin Coupland 

       Presented by Paul Whitelam, Northern Shooting Show in conjunction 

       with Steel Plate sponsors, Viking Arms.

Lastly, with the suppport of the Northern Shooting Show, the first Breda Plate Challenge outwith of the NSS was held. There were two runs required to knock down nine plates against the clock. The lowest combined time was 26.15 seconds, achieved by Kevin Copeland of North Cotes Butts.

The next NTSA Championships will be a another new Target Shotgun event, the Bianchi Shotgun Championships on 26th August at Crocketford.

Northern Shooting Show - Breda Challenge

Another Fantastic day of Target Shotgun Shooting at the Northern Shooting Show.

A total of 202 entries.

Congratulations to Adam Burbridge, the overall winner in a time of 18.27 seconds who will receive a Breda Shotgun from our kind match sponsors Viking Arms Ltd.

Second place was Martin Appelton with Nick Bonsor in third.

Top junior was Jake McFarlan

Full results can be viewed via

AGM & NTSA Dinner

Saturday 4th Aug at North Cotes Butts.

The AGM will take place after the presentation for the English Champs.

We then stay on at the club house for a wonderful North Cotes Dinner.

Legal Stuff

We try to keep you updated on various aspects of law as it affects shooters.

We’ve just been made aware of a ‘circular’ from the Home Office.  This circular advises of the commencement on 17 April 2018 of section 131 of the Policing and Crime Act 2017. Basically, this authorises an eight week extension to the life of a FAC or SGC, where it expires whilst in the process of being renewed.  Please click on the link (section 131) above to see the details.

Silverstone Shooting Centre

Some of you will already be aware of developments at Silverstone.  We are fortunate in having been able to negotiate use of the facilities in May. 

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