Annual NTSA Champion

This year, the NTSA Committee decided to start recognising the overall winner for the year.  The Annual National Champion for 2016 - our first Annual Champion, is Andy Duffy.

Heartfelt congratulations to Andy for supporting the Association, by attending events, being involved in the RO’ing and admin. and still being able to put up consistent, decent scores.  Well done!

Northern Championship - Carlisle

See results.

Early October at Bisley

An enjoyable and action-packed weekend icluding the Long range and Historic shoot plus, a Police Match - fun for all!

NTSA Northern Ireland Championships - Saturday 27th August

This  was a busy and enjoyable event.  Short review to follow.

PSUK Championships - Wednesday 14th September.
This event is 99% back on the Calendar thanks to CNC Police agreeing to give up their range booking, so please make a note in your diary for an afternoon of Target Shotgun at Bisley.  The entry form will be out soon and will be distributed to NTSA members.  Again there are a number of other competitions being run over a three day period, including a Practical Rifle match on Thursday 15th. 

Other NTSA Dates
Fri 7th October - am - Bisley - NTSA Historic Champs.
Fri 7th October - pm - Bisley - NTSA Police Match.
Sat 8th October - am - Bisley - NTSA Long Range Champs
Sun 6th November -11am to 3pm - Carlisle - NTSA Northern Champs

Vanessa Duffy

UKPSA is IPSC Practical Shooting

NTSA is Target Shotgun Shooting

Police and Crime Bill 2015/6

We continue to actively monitor the progress of the Bill through the Parliament. There are some potentially, helpful technical amendments to current law which have been proposed and supported both by the shooting community at large and the police.  We will report further on developments.

Government publishes Law Commission Proposals

The proposals made by the Law Commission have now been presented to Parliament (See here).  Despite significant input from shooting organisations, the Law Commission proposals are more likely to make things more confusing and more restrictive without any meaningful impact on crime.

NTSA Range Officials

The NTSA recognise range officer qualifications. If you are a current RCO or UKPSA Range Officer, these are recognised for NTSA Range Official status.  If you have any other national range official qualification you wish to be considered by the NTSA Committee then please include details.

To receive your NTSA Range Official Card, please complete the second part of the Membership Renewal form.

A NTSA Range Official course is being planned for those members who wish to qualify as a NTSA Official.

Membership Renewal

We are now into February and that means that we need to renew our NTSA membership. The good news is that the fee has been held at £20. Remember one of the benefits of NTSA membership is a £5 reduction in entry fees for NTSA matches!  By shooting four matches you recoup your membership fee.

Please complete the membership renewal form, HERE. You can pay by cheque or PayPal. Details on how to renew can be found on the renewal form. 2016 membership cards will be distributed upon receipt of your renewal.

Please also consider recruiting new members to the NTSA.

New Members

A warm welcome to the Association to the following new members.

Richard Ingram, Stephen Potts, Colin Beattie, Freddie Hanna, Jaime Stevenson, Gary Waugh and Brad Smith.  All joined late in 2015 and their membership runs until the end of 2016. (So no need for you to renew)!

Proposed amendments to the EU Firearms Directive

A representative from the NTSA attended at short notice, a meeting which took place with representatives from the HO, NaBIS, NCA, Police and most shooting organisations, in London on 8 December.

Be very clear; the HO and police / NCA are keen on the proposals.  Both the Home Secretary and Prime Minister have strongly supported them. Thankfully, MEPs and governments across the EU have strong reservations.

The next move will be to contact constituency MEPs and lay out your strong reservations.  Remember, we have already been ‘scapegoated’ in the UK, in ’88 and ’97.  Of course, we now inhabit a gun-crime free nirvana in the UK …..

Please put pressure on your MEP by writing to them objecting to these proposals.  You can find your MEP’s details via

Please sign the petition against this directive.  Ask your fellow shooters, friends and family to also sign.

Latest from the Law Commission 16 December 2015

The Law Commission have now published their awaited proposals on changes to firearms law. A copy (Firearms Law - Laws to Address Pressing Problems) is available through the ‘Downloads’ section.

NTSA will be reading the proposals and making an appropriate response, shortly.

Law Commission Update

The NTSA was represented at the Symposium on Firearms Law which was held on 8 September. We have subsequently, made two further submissions in writing to the Law Commission and on 14 October attended a two hour long discussion at the MoJ with the Law Commission lead on the project, Professor David Ormerod.

Other attendees included Bill Harriman for BASC, David Penn for BSSC and Derek Stimpson for HBSA.  A final written submission will be forwarded before the end of October.  The Law Commission will make their findings and recommendations known in January.  A copy of the NTSA submission will be available to interested parties by application to the Secretary.

New Club - welcome!

NTSA are delighted to recognise that the Gun Room Rifle and Pistol Club, Norfolk has recently affiliated with a view to getting involved in Target Shotgun.

Additional, new email addresses

If you ‘click’ on the ‘Contact NTSA’ tab, at the top, it will take you to a standard contact form (which actually, goes to

Additionally, you will see three specific email contact addresses for web-specific items, the Chairman and the Secretary.  Please feel free to use them, as appropriate.  The recipients will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.


We are now on Facebook, thanks to Vanessa!

If you use Facebook, please click on this link and ‘join’ the group.

FAC and SGC Fees - New fee structure now announced!

The new fees came into effect on 6th April 2015.  See here. The ‘Order’ can be viewed in the downloads section.

The Government’s response to the public consultation on the proposal to increase firearms licensing fees administered by the police has also been published.  A link to the Government’s response is attached and will be available to download via the GOV.UK website: -

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